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indoor wall padding

What we Offer

Protect your athletes with our lse wall mats. each mat is perfectly padded to absorbed and protect the player from any collusion and lower the risk of injury.

Please see below for more information.

Standard Wall Mats

Standard 2ft wide X 6ft tall wall mats with 7/16in thick (OSB) oriented standard board backing. Options may include custom artwork and cut-outs for for switches and outlets.

It also includes aluminum J-channeling on top & bottom for easy install and beautiful finish.

Soft Backing Wall Mats

Wall mats with soft backing are manufactured at a 4ft wide X 6ft tall with 2in thick foam core. They do not have any type of backing like the standard mats.

This wall mats include 2in hard Velcro strips across the bottom and top, so they can be attached on a mounting surface.

Mounting surface includes a 2in soft Velcro mounted along a wooden surface that is attached to the wall.

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